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We know that prom can be a little stressful sometimes. Picking the perfect dress, rocking your killer heels, figuring out what makeup to wear, the list goes on. We want to lessen the stress of spending all your money so we came up with some tips to help you save some bucks for prom!
Spend lavishly on your dress, but save on accessories!

We highly suggest you buy the most gorgeous dress you see and spending less on other stuff like your shoes, purse, and jewelries. If you are rocking an awesome dress, no one will know if your accessories are inexpensive! Smart tip, isn’t it?

Checking out online hair and makeup tutorials!

Not only that it is free, but most of the tutorials online are so easy to follow! Pinterest and Youtube are a landmine! Try out few different tutorials and see what looks best for you before your prom night. Remember, practice is key! You might not achieve it on the first try but we are pretty sure you will get it. You will definitely save a bunch of bucks by doing your own hair and makeup. Bonus tip: Try it out with friends! Make it a girls’ night by inviting them over and practicing hairstyles and makeup together.

Check on sales!

Sale is the magic word! You can save hundreds of bucks by shopping while on sale. Also, make sure to utilize coupon codes from newsletters! You can also shop for your prom dress prior to the event as most boutiques offer discounts before prom season starts!
Do you have other tips you would like to add? Tell us about it on social media! @purecoutureprom