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Choosing between two dresses that couldn’t be any more different is quite the dilemma that frequently comes when prom shopping. There are benefits and disadvantages to both of these looks, so here’s some tips you can follow to make the right decision!

Prom 2017 Dilemma: Sexy Vs. Sweet

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Consider the venue

The venue plays a main factor in deciding the dress. If it’s a sleek place downtown, then a sexy dress is more suitable. Like this gorgeous champagne Sherri Hill gown –>

Prom 2017 Dilemma: Sexy Vs. Sweet

If the venue is in a ball room type venue, a sweet, Cinderella dress would be a great fit! Check out this Rachel Allan gown –>

Prom 2017 Dilemma: Sexy Vs. Sweet

Be confident in your own way

A sexy dress exudes confident and gathers all eyes on you. 

But if you’re not partial to attention, then a fuller gown might be the better fit. Remember, it’s important for YOU to wear the dress, not the other way around.

Or if you are wanting a little bit of both, take a look at this amazing Rachel Allan gown –>

Prom 2017 Dilemma: Sexy Vs. Sweet

Other tips for sexy and sweet dresses

Sexy dresses can be pulled off with many features – such as a plunging neckline, a low-back, or a high front slit. A fitting mermaid dress can work too!

Prom 2017 Dilemma: Sexy Vs. Sweet

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The other side of the coin is a fun and sweet Cinderella dress. It’s a clear cut look that says you’re a reserved gal who wants to have fun but stay comfortable at the same time. Since it’s a bit longer than sexy dresses, there are obstacles you have to go through such as when dancing close, or getting in and out of the car. With a little preparation, you can easily navigate through these problems!

Prom 2017 Dilemma: Sexy Vs. Sweet

Sherri Hill 50834

I hope these tips have helped you consider what look you want to choose for prom! Our collection is always viewable so you’ll have plenty of options anytime!