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Finding the right prom dress is hard enough, but when your budget is $300 it might seem like the best dresses are out of your price range.

This is no reason to fret! While outstanding dresses do cost more, you’ll find there are also some real gems that you can grab for three Benjamins – as long as you know where to look, of course (;

Here at Pure Couture, we’ve whittled the choices down to our five favorite dresses under $300! You’ll be surprised that these trusted brands offer a good price to get the most bang for your buck. So let’s take a look at these show-stopping, affordable prom dresses!

Alyce Designs 35820 at $216

Pure’s Five Favorites Under $300

Flatter your figure with style lines and illusion mesh from this sexy prom dress! The bold red color speaks volumes of your daring and confident side.

Mac Duggal 77044 at $298

Pure’s Five Favorites Under $300

A classic dress with a tease! The 77044 may look demure, but it features a cool slit and an open square back. The dress comes in red or lemon depending on the size.

Faviana 7747 at $298

Pure’s Five Favorites Under $300

This sophisticated dress comes in all kinds of colors: black, cherry pink, cloud blue, ivory, navy, red, ruby, and smoke grey. The evidently plunging v-neck features the right amount of skin and the skirt shows the natural grace of the person strutting it. Unseen in the picture is the beautiful lace-up back, symmetrical in details.

Faviana 7541 at $298

Pure’s Five Favorites Under $300

Looking for minimal embellishments perfect for accessories? This dress seals the deal! Our Faviana 7541 goes in black, bordeaux, navy, or red. Its simple v-neck and side cutouts perfectly focuses on the wearer’s upper back.

Rachel Allan 7553 at $298

Pure’s Five Favorites Under $300

If you want to expose more skin without being too daring, this two piece is for you! It’s a classic look that comes in black, emerald, red, or royal. Rachel Allan always has some of our favorite prom dresses!

So which dress should you choose for your style and needs? Each dress in our favorites has its own set of fashion that’s suited to a unique look you want to achieve.

You can take a look at our collections online to find some similar choices, but these 5 dresses are our favorites because we feel they are the top in their respective niches! No matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Figure out which dress calls for you and take the leap!

Come into the shop and try on your dream dress this week 🙂


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