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Got no plans yet? We got you! We listed some awesome after-party ideas that will make you more excited than the dance! There’s nothing wrong with dancing all night and a little booze, but let’s make things more unique and memorable with these fun activities!
Host a movie marathon!

Tired from the dance? Relax and just watch a movie with your friends after! Besides, you need a break! Time to pig out while watching flicks that you and your friends will enjoy.
Host a game night!

Invite your friends over to your house and throw a game night! Have an intense multiplayer games together with some snacks. Get nostalgic a bit and play MarioKart! Remember girls, guys are impressed when you can handle your game! Isn’t it right, guys?
Throw a prom bonfire!

Whether it’s in the beach or the field, a bonfire with friends are always a good idea! They are a good alternative to dancing and there is no way someone’s house can get wrecked in an out-of-control after-party.
Plan a bowling competition!

Challenge your friends and don’t just play normal bowling. Try bowling through the legs, backwards, or standing on one foot and see who can bowl the best.
Cook with your friends!

Instead of just feeding your guests, why not ask them to help you cook and have fun in the kitchen together! Check out Pinterest and try out new recipes to test out!
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